Ana Loback - Echoes of Grace

Echoes of Grace


Ana Loback is a singer/songwriter living in London, UK. A psychologist by day, Ana uses her music to share her love for life, for God and for people. A prolific recording artist, Ana has successful albums released in her home country of Portugal and her new album Echoes of Grace is the first to be released in the UK and worldwide!

Ana started singing and playing the piano as a teenager, performing to large audiences from an early age, at first in her local church back home in Portugal. Her musical influences range from gospel to jazz, fado, indie, soul and rock. In 2003 she recorded her first live praise & worship album (Pai de Multidões) with her church in Portugal, which completely sold out and her debut solo album Tocar em Ti (2004) was considered one of the best contemporary Christian albums of its time in Portugal. In the meantime she completed her first university degree in Communication and worked as a TV journalist and broadcaster for a while and later on decided to go back to university to study Psychology, another one of her great interests.

London became home for Ana and her family in 2006. She's been part of Hillsong Church London since then, serving in the Worship Team, where she joined several other like-minded musicians, singers and songwriters that form a vibrant community passionate about helping people to find God through worship.

As a consultant in occupational psychology, Ana loves helping others to identify and develop their unique strengths and potential. She is also a qualified vocal coach and has been working with several professional singers to explore and develop their vocal technique and achieve maximum results with their voices.

"Echoes are a series of sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener. The revelation of the grace of God has inspired me to write these songs that are like echoes reflected in my spirit, a worship response and a constant reminder of the beauty of God's love for us."