Ana Loback - Echoes of Grace

Echoes of Grace


Gerth Media, Germany

"Songs to reassert God's grace and lead people in worship. Ana Loback releases "Echoes Of Grace", an album with a sound that is a reminder of God's love. The native Portuguese wants to bring out music that is relevant and significant for people, music that leaves a positive impression, helps to communicate with God and proclaims God's truth. "

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Mark Bowater, Music & Media Manager UK and Europe, Kingsway Distribution

"Sometimes the lines between with artistry and worship are blurred – not when listening to Echoes of Grace by Ana Loback. This is an album that celebrates creativity and culture which in turn reflects the glory of our Lord and Saviour! Ana not only has a vocal that makes this album easy listening but she has, more importantly, the anointing to lead the listener into worship. This certainly is an album 'Worth Shouting About!'."

Stuart Elliot, Rock Drummer and Producer

Ana is a truly gifted songwriter who's creation "Echoes of Grace" carried by her flawless vocal performance and aided by some very sensitive and natural production is outstanding.

The opening song "You and Me" is in essence a beautiful and touching love song which drew me in on the first listen and deserves to be an international hit in both Christian and secular circles.

The album then takes the listener through what I can only describe as a beautiful worshipful journey which is complete when and ONLY when the last track has played to its end, a quality which only a small handful of records/CDs in my collection can aspire to and so deserve being listened to with the same intent in which they are made.

(Stuart Elliott is an English rock drummer who has played along with Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Keats, David Byron and many others -

Loretta Andrews, Presenter/Producer, Premier Christian Radio

Ana Loback's music stirs the heart and soothes the soul. Her pure voice along with beautiful melodies and heartfelt lyrics take you on a journey to a deeper understanding of the central subject matter of the album - God's Grace.